The Door County Community Foundation’s Give Door County program is the official charity partner of the Peninsula Century Spring Classic. 

Bret Bicoy, the president/CEO of the foundation, shared these words about the importance of charity to the Door County community. We couldn’t say it better.

Charity is more important to Door County than any other community in Wisconsin. That’s a bold statement, but if you ponder a bit you’ll see just how truthful it really is. The charities of Door County define much of our quality of life and are a major part of the engine that drives our local economy.

Give_Door_County_Logo_ColorThe great arts and cultural organizations that bring visitors here and keep our seasonal residents coming back year after year are charities. The stewards and guardians of our environmental treasures are also charities.

A gift to charity in Door County is not only a contribution, it’s also an investment in our economic development. It’s helping build a better future for us all. But charity is more than just an economic development tool.
Our seasonal nature leads to seasonal jobs and that creates stresses for those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder. In the winter we count on human service charities to fill a family’s cabinet with groceries when the summer’s wages are finally gone. We ask our healthcare charities to assist those whose seasonal jobs don’t provide health insurance.
What all these organizations have in common is that they are charities. They are non-profits because there is no profit to be made. So their future is dependent on the generosity of people like you.
And because charity is so important to Door County, that means our community’s future is also dependent on the generosity of people like you.
Through a direct gift to your favorite charity, you can make a difference right here Door County. There are literally hundreds of organizations listed for you to consider.
Through a Non-Profit Endowment Fund you can provide a permanent source of income to the charity that you care about most. Your contribution is invested to produce an income stream that will forever be available to the organization you want to support.
Through a Donor Advised Fund you can simplify your giving for tax purposes and give back to the charities you prefer right here in Door County. Some folks choose to assist organizations outside of our community. With a Donor Advised Fund, you can decide where you want your money to go.
Through a Discretionary Fund you can make a gift to the future. Discretionary Funds support the causes selected by the donor, but trust the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors to select the specific charities that receive grants from the Fund each year. Those moneys are distributed back into the community as Advancement Grants and Sustainability Grants.
Through a Scholarship Fund you can help foster the development of the next generation of community leaders in Door County.
And you can make a gift to any of these Funds with an online gift today, a gift of stock or other appreciated asset tomorrow, or a planned gift many years into the future.
Give however it’s right for you. Just remember to Give Door County.

“It was a great event and a gorgeous ride.” – Angela Hilbelink Ruh

“Great day for a ride on the scenic back roads of Door peninsula. We enjoyed it all! Wonderful food and drink and friendly volunteer staff all the way – kudos to everyone involved.” – Ellen McAllister

Ellen McAllister

Loved the ride! Route was beautiful and very well marked. Rest stops were plentiful and had plenty of food and drink. Loved the ice cold beer and delicious food at the end. I’ll definitely be back!

2014 Participant

This year was the third annual excursion for myself and some friends. The ride and beer festival are becoming a tradition for us. Always a great weekend. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Brian Meiers


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